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Oh Henry!, 1.
Munchies, 0.

OH Henry! was looking to reassert its ownership of the “Hunger Moment” while also attracting a new, younger demographic - enter Oh Henry! 4:25 (the perfect snack for 5 minutes after 4:20). Riding the wave of consumer and media anticipation around the pending legalization of cannabis, mint developed the Oh Henry! 4:25 Dispensary Pop Up, strategically located in pot-friendly Kensington Market and launched on April 25 @ 4:25 pm. The pop-up reinforced the brand as a cure for the hunger moment by curating an experience for those who are the MOST hungry...5 minutes after 4:20. Our efforts generated nearly 70 million impressions, crushed our sampling KPIs and just happened to be named Canadian Campaign of the Year at the 2019 Sabre Awards in NYC.

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