Cheap Flights


Mint Takes Flight

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The Objective

Activate an experiential stunt to generate brand awareness, media exposure and encourage brand engagement through site visits, app downloads and newsletter opt-ins..


Stretching Your Dollar

To show consumers in downtown Toronto how far their loonie will take them Cheapflights, brand ambassadors surprised consumers by handing out 10,000 loonies, enticing consumers to visit the footprint located at Queen and Soho for a chance to win high value trips around the world. Accompanying the loonie giveaway, gave consumers the opportunity to win an entry into a draw to win 1 of 3 grand prize trips.


Spreading The Word

Branded swag was distributed throughout the event and surrounding area by brand ambassadors flooding the core with Cheapflights swag and increasing brand awareness. Media were engaged pre, during and post event in order to generate coverage Content was captured throughout the day and shared through social media channels to further extend the reach of the event and program as a whole.



Throughout the pre-promotion and 6 hour activation, we achieved over thirty thousands consumer impressions and over five million media impressions.